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Hundreds of children are fatally injured accidentally in the home each year!

We provide Home-Safe training, which covers basic first aid, CPR and other home safety awareness knowledge and tips.

These workshops are ideal for:

  • parents

  • domestic workers

  • nannies

  • au pairs

  • siblings (14 years and older) 


We provide these workshops on-site at schools, estates and at our own venue making it convenient for all families to attend and be in the know.

                  now to book your date now.

With the workshops we also sell Home-Safe first aid kits with everything a home needs:

  1. First aid kit.

  2. Burn shield for temporary treatment to burns.

  3. Fire blanket.​

  4. Fire extinguisher.

  5. Emergency number fridge magnet.

  6. Home-Safe booklet.

  7. Torch and screwdriver set.

This is all packaged as a Full Home-Safe Kit.​ All contents are available for purchase separately.​


Are you prepared?

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